Women’s Social enterprise

Hand Embroidered Fabrics from Sittilingi Valley

A hundred hands member


Over the course of this pandemic, we at Porgai, faced challenges like never before. Despite the uncertainties, our artisans persevered, and today we are elated to share with you our latest creation, Covida.

Covida Porgai Dolls
Covida rag dolls
Covida Porgai Rag Dolls
Covida Porgai Rag dols

What We Make


Kurta (Long and Short), Saree, Skirt, Palazzo, Blouse, Stole, Wallet


Dress, Baby towels, Skirt, Top


Wall Hanging, Cushion cover, Bed spread

Zero Waste

Jewellery, Bag, Key chain, Hand bag

What we do

Sewing pride & dignity

Porgai Artisans Association is a society of Lambadi women Artisans, who hand process unique traditional embroidery designs. Porgai, as the name translates to “PRIDE” in Lambadi dialect empowers women with their magical learning.

Based in Sittlingi Valley in Dharmapuri district of Tamilnadu, Porgai, with artisans at its centre, is providing livelihood to 60 women of the valley. We make sure that our artisans are respected and are given fair wages for the intricate embroidery that they do. This in turn has limited the migration of these women and their families to towns and cities in search of work.