About Us

Since 2006

Several hundred years ago, the Lambadi tribals migrated from North Western India to down south for a living. They were a nomadic tribe but ended in settling down in Madhaya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. Sittilingi Valley is the second southern most settlement of Lambadis in India. We, the women of the community had a rich tradition of hand embroidery which our ancestors did on the clothing and other day to day articles. In course of time, when we stopped wearing the traditional dress, the craft was lost for more than 2 generations. Since 2006, with the facilitation of Tribal Health Initiative we have revived the craft.

From Neela & Gammi who had learned the craft from their grandmothers, but had no need to practice it, a few of us learned it. And thus was formed the PORGAI Artisans Association. “Porgai” in lambadi dialect means “Pride”.

We are now a registered society of 60 lambadi women.

we use the Best fabric

Organic Cotton from the Sittilingi Valley

At the core of what Porgai represents is self-sufficiency and independence, be it for our women, our villages or the ecosystem we call our home. All of our artisans are farmers themselves, taking to their craft during the dry summer and other seasons where there is no agricultural work available. In this light the need to both integrate our own agriculture into the craft and to ensure that our agriculture is as sustainable as the craft we indulge in is essential.
Thus, a majority of Porgai’s products are made from organic cotton grown in our own villages. This cotton, untrammelled by pesticides and unpolluted by chemical fertilisers is then hand-spun, hand-woven and dyed with natural dyes by cooperatives. Every step in the process of bringing Porgai reinforces our commitment to protect, cherish and celebrate the oneness of our village ecosystem with the forests around and the earth beneath us.

Designed and Handmade In House

Whether it is subtly embroidered Kurti or a cushion cover brightly emblazoned with traditional Lambadi designs, when you buy a Porgai product, you are bringing home many worlds. One is the world of ancient endangered art that has had fresh life breathed into it. The designs you will be wearing bear the weight that only centuries of tradition could have cherished and perfected. Another world is respecting and giving value to labour and skill of hand-made products in a world that values profitability over human passion and individual skill.
Each Porgai piece comes with a responsibility, to remember the many hands that wove their passions and skill into them, from the farmer to the spinners, the weavers, and finally, women artisans who otherwise live a life where they are undervalued and underappreciated.

How to work with us


Discuss with us

You too are part of the story of Porgai. Reach out to us if you want to know more. Visit us our village if you want share the Lambadi experience.

Choose fabric & design

We have plenty of choices to play with your ideas. You can customize and create The exclusive product with native Lambadi Embroidery.

Get it stitched

It is not only the design, we have a tailoring unit as well to help you have a perfect fit.