Our Products
Porgai Millet Embroidered Sari Saree
Porgai blends the timeless beauty of fine Lambadi (tribal) embroidery with modern & contemporary styles.

What We Make


Kurta (Long and Short), Saree, Skirt, Palazzo, Blouse, Stole, Wallet


Dress, Baby towels, Skirt, Top


Wall Hanging, Cushion cover, Bed spread

Zero Waste

Jewellery, Bag, Key chain, Hand bag

Summer ’20 Collection


How to work with us


Discuss with us

You too are part of the story of Porgai. Reach out to us if you want to know more. Visit us our village if you want share the Lambadi experience.

Choose fabric & design

We have plenty of choices to play with your ideas. You can customize and create The exclusive product with native Lambadi Embroidery.

Get it stitched

It is not only the design, we have a tailoring unit as well to help you have a perfect fit.